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Are you new to Sports nutrition? or just starting a new exercise programme? Find out how much food you need, when and what kind is best for you.

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YourSportsFuels’ own in house sports coach and nutritional experts give free advise about sports science, training competition and nutrition to help you achieve your true sports potential.

Nutrition - All you need to know.

Healthy nutritional food needed seem like a chore. YourSportsFuel brings you new recipes that look and taste great to help you stay focused.

Get recipes.......updated

Recipes for success - Tried and tested

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Fast acting high energy carbohydrate fuel.

500g                         £7.99  

1.2kg                       £12.99 

5kg                          £49.99 Big value

Available in 2 great flavours Orange and Tropical.

Enduro Fuel with the proven 4:1 Carb/Protein matrix designed for all endurance sports.

    1kg                              £17.99

    5kg                          £64.99 Big value

             Available in great tasting Berry flavour.


Advanced rapid recovery fuel designed to help you refuel, rebuild and repair.

New R6 matrix for optimum recovery including:-

-Complex carbohydrate polymers

-Whey Protein

-Glutamine Peptides

-Vitamin and Mineral mix.



1kg                                £19.99

5kg                                £74.99 Big Value

Available in 4 great tasting flavours:-

Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and Vanilla.

YSFR6 -Recovery Fuel

Quality Sports nutrition, at the best prices, GUARANTEED!


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ONLY £14.99

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ONLY £9.99

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ONLY £12.99

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Nutrition articles

Product Focus  - Complete system Before, During and After exercise. HUGE savings

YSF Core Health

YSF Core Health products are aimed to supplement a healthy diet , aid performance and recovery.


-Healthy heart

-Anti inflammatory

-Healthy immune


....When 5 a day just isn’t enough for athletes.



-Joint protection

-Maintain connective



-Healthy Bones

-Healthy Muscles

-Nerve health


-Caffeine kick

-Energy conversion

-Hightened   concentration

-Nutrient absorption


-food to fuel  conversion


-Good for the heart


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